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Our Values At Work


Los Cabos

The Challenge

This was BP’s first international incentive trip since 2005…and Los Cabos was still recovering from a hurricane. We needed to ensure safety and comfort for participants while still offering a range of activities (and plenty of local color).

Our Solution

Quick action turned unexpected setbacks into unqualified wins. When our original venue was unable to keep its commitment, we stepped up to find a better hotel (and took responsibility for the added cost). In order to keep close tabs on our participants, we offered a shuttle service for guests during their free time.


Participants praised the wide range of activities (not everybody golfs!) and local flavor. Taking over the entire hotel allowed us to put on a truly big show…including the final night fireworks.

Los Cabos and Kauai

Destination events like ARCO ampm’s annual incentive trips can take months, even years, to plan down to the smallest detail. Our work on behalf of the safety of our guests requires extensive advance work. We get to know everything at the local level—the venue management and staff, police and first responders, entertainers, food and beverage providers, embassy personnel, and port & shipping agents. These advanced meetings are designed to ensure that we’re prepared for every possible contingency. If our guests have special health needs, we want to know what’s in stock at the nearest pharmacy. If there’s any concerns about security, we’ll create a closed venue. If the venue’s in a hurricane zone…

As it happens, on two occasions our event venue was in the path of a natural disaster. As you can imagine, with all the advance planning we typically do, changing a venue at short notice can present special challenges. Due to hurricane damage in Los Cabos and St. Thomas, we had to change the destination and re‑create entirely new programs within just a few months—at no additional charge to the client, and with the same high safety standards as the previously planned events.