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Incentive Trip / Western Caribbean Cruise

Our sponsored events are designed to embody the spirit of the destination. We dig deep into local culture to discover everything that’s exciting, original, and beyond the ordinary. Such was the case with our Western Caribbean cruise, which sailed from Galveston—the perfect opportunity for an old‑fashioned Texas barbecue.

We plan for every detail and every outcome—from the first arrival to the last dance, come rain or shine. Often this involves creating multiple scenarios for changing weather (a common occurrence in the tropics).

There’s something for everyone at our sponsored events! Special activities for families, creative sponsorship opportunities, alternative food and beverages… anticipating every need our clients’ guests and sponsors may have.

Incentive Trip / Miami

The Challenge

Local flavor is everything when you’re planning a corporate incentive trip—but when the location is stateside, sometimes it takes a little extra imagination to show guests a side of the venue they haven’t seen before. How do you bring guests into a whole new Miami?

Our Solution

We decided that the “whole new Miami” was actually the classic Miami—the location of Miami Vice and gateway to old Havana. Our twin‑themed incentive trip started with a “Miami Spice” celebration of all things 80s: retro pop performers, costume contests that brought guests into the action, and plenty of neon glow to light up the night. “Havana Nights” went even further into bygone days with cigar rollers, classic Cadillacs… and, of course, plenty of rum, rumba, and feather‑dressed hostesses.


Guest response was overwhelmingly positive: “The Omni‑Buzz team gets an A+ rating from me.” “I’ve been on many of the incentive trips, but this year was by far the best one.” And, very simple: “IT WAS PERFECT!”

CES Show / Las Vegas

Each year, the Consumer Electronics Show draws more than 100,000 attendees, and big brands come out in force. If you want to make an impression, you really have to provide more than just a sales display. For international mobile giant LG, we created a pop-up nightclub with gaming stations, areas for ad hoc meetings, and setups for media and influencers.

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  • Brand experience marketing
  • Social Media marketing
  • PR event