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Virtual Meetings

We believe that virtual events are more than a necessity—when they’re done right, they can be an opportunity. A chance to involve participants and guests outside your normal geography. A way to build a library of high‑quality, evergreen assets. A platform that allows you to measure participation and gather valuable audience data in real time.

You will get much more out of your virtual event if you’re working with a partner whose only obligation is to your success. This means choosing a partner that has no vested interest in its own technology platform, no restrictive contracts with third‑party vendors, no subscriptions required, and no limitations on the tools they can place at your service.

Omni-buzz virtual events are efficient, cost‑effective, and fully customized to your needs. Our decades of experience with live events are dedicated to ensure that your virtual event will be safe, secure, engaging, and rewarding.

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic put a halt on many live events… but it didn’t stop us. As we began to research virtual options, we soon concluded that expensive annual subscriptions and over-featured, all‑in‑one platforms were not in our clients’ best interests. Instead, we decided on a “best of breed” approach, similar to what we’d been doing with live events for years.

We’ve delivered more than 25 virtual meetings over the past two years. We’d love to talk about creating a custom solution for you.

What Can We Do For You?

Omni‑Buzz best‑of‑breed approach (over a one‑size‑fits‑all solution)

Our selection of the right tools for the job means that we can craft flexible, customized solutions at a low cost, all without compromising quality:

  • Easier to customize
  • Seamless experience
  • Easier to manage costs, fewer commitments

Omni‑Buzz excels at creating and managing best‑of‑breed solutions

Web base virtual meeting platform Modification (Only registered email can RSVP)
Create & send RSVP e‑invite via email
On-call, chat, and email follow‑up on RSVP
Client reviews all RSVP lists to upload access database
Attendee who RSVP’d receive unique confirmation code
Login required with registered email & single‑use RSVP confirmation code to access streaming page
Live or Pre‑record presentation
Live engagement tools
On‑call, chat, and email to support tech challenges
  • RSVP webpage & newsletter (e‑invite)
  • Web based virtual meeting platform (customizable)
  • Live presentation & Live stream - YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Vimeo, RTMP streaming
  • Secure log in via a unique (one‑time) confirmation code
  • Embedded Live Q&A, Chat, Quiz, Engagement
  • Pre-recording presentation service up to four live remote guests at the same time
  • GFX – Custom graphic, Picture in picture with various contents, screen layout
  • Log in activity report
  • Video production
  • Onsite green screen presentation recording and post‑production
  • PowerPoint template design, slide creation, content and management

ARCO ampm Virtual Awards

Here’s how we used a virtual environment to create the feel of a live event.

The annual ARCO ampm awards ceremony is a chance to celebrate top retail operators for all their hard work and success. Normally, this event is held live. In, 2020 COVID‑19 kept everyone home… but we decided it wouldn’t stop the celebration. With the help of an 80s TV show host as our emcee, we combined live and recorded content to create the feel of a live awards broadcast, complete with audience participation opportunities.

In advance of the event, we sent guests a mission box—containing objects to be used at key points throughout the broadcast. Guests at home took pictures of themselves carrying out the mission—for example, sharing a congratulatory message or toasting friends with the champagne flutes we provided—and our on-air host displayed the best photos. Live music and entertainment helped create the excitement of a live network broadcast.

The results? People were highly engaged, and guests had a great time. During the two-hour event we received and printed more than 300 unique photos from 200+ participants. The success of this even led the client to convert all their upcoming meetings to virtual events… a challenge we were only too happy to meet.

Virtual Retail Meeting

Even in the best of circumstances, a retail meeting is a complicated affair, with lots of moving parts and program elements that must be coordinated perfectly. Our task was to create a three‑day event that maintained the high standards BP has come to expect from its live meetings. Our services included:

  • Development of a secure, branded virtual platform that BP can reuse for future events
  • Branded virtual news studio
  • Professional MC for engagement
  • Over 20 live presenters with individual tech dry run
  • Portable green screen and camera kit for all presenters
  • 3 Live external speakers from U.K. and U.S.
  • Engagement tools – 4 mission boxes (Day 1 - Welcome gift, Day 2 – two tasting and sampling kits, Day 3 – Teambuilding activities)
  • Over 700 pages of presentation slides
  • More 15 separate engagements
  • Live demonstration and education by live presenters
  • Live Polls, Q&A, Games using mobile phone

The results? We’ll let our clients and agency partners speak to that:

You guys are quite amazing. That was an incredible piece of very complicated production management and you made it work! Thanks for bringing it all together so smoothly.

I have to tell you how completely blown away I am with how smoothly everything went this week.

The sessions went so smooth, the speakers, the MC, everything worked perfectly.

Great, amazing, fantastic, awesome job! You have a lot to be proud of!

Virtual Roadshows

One of our client’s highest priorities is always to measure and optimize participation throughout the event. In a face‑to‑face meeting, this is challenging… in a virtual meeting, it takes creativity and skill.

Beyond this, many of our presenters were new to virtual events, and would be presenting from home without support. We wanted to make the event easy to run, particularly during the all‑important Q&A sessions.

Our recommendation was to record all presentations, reserving live streaming for participation events such as Q&A. We shipped and/or set up the green screen camera and mic sets in events, rehearsing and recording all presentations without direct contact. Omni‑buzz provided consulting, guideline, rehearsal, and support services end‑to‑end.

To keep things flowing and keep guests engaged, we organized and implemented a variety of fun activities—games, raffles, polls, trivia contests, and entertainment. This helped us keep people engaged between presentations, or in the unlikely event of an unexpected interruption.

Virtual Dealer Meeting

Because of budget limitations on this small (but important) event, our client had previously delivered through a low-cost videoconferencing platform. As we took up the challenge, we dedicated ourselves to converting them to a professional virtual platform that would enhance the value of the experience and address the client’s need for high security… ensuring, among other things, that login credentials could not be shared outside the approved list. And, as always, we wanted to boost participant engagement.

Our services include the following:

  • Branded and customized virtual platform webpage for streaming, e‑invite, and RSVP
  • Low-cost engagement – app‑driven scavenger hunt and virtual photo printing mission
  • Green screen pre‑recording services and post‑production
  • Live streaming for live and pre‑recorded presentations, Live Q&A, Engagement
  • Feedback and Survey

We were able to create, organize, and deliver a successful virtual event for 100 guests without exceeding the client’s previous budget.